How California Shaped DevilDriver’s Sound


In the long run the thing one must take into consideration is that musicians based in California are all surrounded by music culture in all its forms. Music permeates Californian culture .

I grew up listening to everything from my parents DOORS records to The Gypsy Kings and not forgetting a ton of funk and classic rock we would listen to on the radio. I was also exposed to punk rock, psycho billy, new wave and obviously, heavy metal.

In one hour I can be surfing and in the next hour I can be snow boarding. The mountains, deserts, beaches and cities in California are my inspiration for writing my music. DevilDriver is heavily influenced by anything that (grooves) moves you, makes you want to dance or sing and scream your heart out.

I try to combine all that inspires me to create our own sound, something we’ve done well, over the years. It’s vitally important for a band to stand out on their own outside of any scene and common sound. DevilDriver have managed to do that, we have managed to create a genre called GROOVE METAL which has been added to Spotify. Yes, WE not only created our own sound, we created our own genre of music.

The Californian sound is one that grooves and DevilDriver is proud to be from California.

Photography: Ben Hoffmann

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Dez Fafara - Metal vocalist - DevilDriver & Coal Chamber.

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