Stranger Things Returns


Netflix have confirmed that their unlikely hit, Stranger Things will return on October 27 2017. Netflix announced that season two will be based in the fall of 1984. This is backed up by the official trailer which oozes with nostalgia from that particular year.

It starts off with the kids playing Dragon’s Lair and Mike, Dustin and Lucas choose to wear taupe jumpsuits from 1984’s hit movie ‘Ghostbusters‘ as their Halloween costumes. The trailer also features the voice of Vincent Price from Michael Jackson’sThriller‘ which adds to the eeriness of the clip.

The trailer shows the return of the beloved Eleven, Will is in the limelight throughout the series, Barb is unlucky once and again and will not be returning…. she is dead, guys.

Check the trailer for season 2 above. You will be able to binge watch the latest series on October 27th.


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