London Rock Fans, Show The Narrow Some Love


A year ago I played a few tracks by a band called The Narrow to the UK audience on my radio show on Team Rock Radio. The reaction to The Narrow by British rock fans was astounding. I am now calling upon those fans to help this hard rock band from Southern Africa.

7 years after the release of their last studio album, The Narrow will be heading in to studio to record their long-awaited 4th album.

With a career spanning 15 years, 3 SAMA nominations, numerous national tours, radio play and headlining some of the biggest festivals the band have decided to start an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the new album.

The Narrow have always been fan-driven and this gives you the opportunity to become part of their history. All they’re hoping to do is cover the costs, any profit they make will be donated to charity.

If you aren’t too sure who The Narrow are, you can familiarise yourselves with this band by watching their video for “Slow Me Down” above.

Follow the link below for campaign details and to check out the various awesome pre-order packages the guys have made available for you .

The album will be released in September 2017 – title to be announced soon!


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